COVID COORDINATOR:  Jeff Riehl      CONTACT INFO  586 336-0200



Effective Immediately June 1, 2020


Friendly's pledge to help control workplace infection

·        Hand sanitizing stations located throughout the dealership and in high traffic customer/employee areas

·        Employees are provided with disposable and reusable masks if they don't have their own

·        Employees have access to latex/latex free gloves if they choose to use them

·        Antibacterial soap is available for employee and customer usage

·        Disinfectant wipes and sprays have been provided to wipe down customer cars, our cars, work stations, etc.

·        Employees who have customer interaction have been provided with desktop cough/sneeze screens

·        Vehicles are being disinfected prior to and after showings, test drives, deliveries, and also before being driven back to service, and before being given to customers

·        Steering wheel covers and seat covers are available for service cars, test drives, lease returns, and appraisals

·        Daily pre-work health checklist with temperature screening upon arrival to work must be turned into department manager daily and must have daily temperature checks

·        All employees and customers are legally bound by governor's order to wear face masks and/or face protection when entering buildings

·        All employees must wear a mask within 6' of another person or a face shield if within 3' of another person

·        All employees who have a fever and/or are sick must stay home.  A fever is a temperature over 100 degrees.  Employees with just fever symptoms must wait 72 hours from there last non fever check that wasn't induced through medicine

·        If employees feel there's unsafe working conditions they must let a supervisor or management know

·        If someone is feeling COVID-19 symptoms prior to work you must stay home, and inform a department manager , and seek immediate medical attention and possible testing

o   If testing is done and comes back positive than you must quarantine for 14 days and get a safe to come back to work note from doctor

o   These guidelines are the same to follow if an employee has a household member who is diagnosed with COVID-19

o   If test for COVID-19 is negative employee must stay home until fever is under control and must wait 72 hours to return after last non fever check that was not medicine induced.


·        If we have an employee who becomes sick with anything and especially COVID-19 let your manager know and go home immediately

·        If we have a COVID-19 case we will send that employee and anyone else they were in contact with home, this could impact the entire department.  The employees who were in contact must monitor their own health and will be out of work for at least 1 day

o   Friendly will use that 1 day that employees are sent home to sanitize that department work space

·        Friendly will continue to sanitize the dealership and touch points regularly

·        We will have one employee who will go around daily to pick up all employees working that day's health questionnaire from department managers on employees who worked that day.

·        All lunchrooms and restrooms will be only available to accommodate 2 people maximum at one time

·        All employees and customers must follow strict social distancing guidelines

·        Wash and sanitize hands regularly

·        Sanitize work station regularly

·        Sanitize all pens, keys, cars, phones etc. after customer usage

·        Friendly is working hard to create a stock pile of supplies to prepare for the unfortunate event of a second wave of the virus in the future.


Proper usage of PPE


Mask/face covering usage - masks/face covering must be worn when not in your own work space, when moving around the dealership, and/or when within 6' feel of another individual

o   Reusable masks/face coverings should be cleaned and or disinfected regularly

o   Disposable masks should be thrown away daily

o   Masks/face covering should be worn covering both the nose and the mouth to be affective

Face shield usage - face shields should be used when within 3' of another person

o   Face shields should be sanitized after every use

Gloves - gloves should be used by your discretion gloves can give a false sense of security on avoiding germs

o   Gloves should be replaced multiple times a day to help prevent the germs that are on them

o   In customer que areas marks have been placed on the floor to insure 6ft social distancing.  Customers and employees need to stand on these marks to ensure social distancing.